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5 Reasons to Choose Polished Concrete Floors

These days we have a tremendous selection of flooring choices in materials such as tile, carpet and wooden flooring.  If you are doing a home or business remodel or a new build, you may want to look at something completely different. Polish concrete can be quite beautiful and has many advantages over other materials. Here are 5 reasons why you might want to choose concrete next time.

Polished Concrete Floors

1          It is energy efficient

In scientific terms, concrete has a high “specific gravity.”  This means it is very dense and has a lot of weight per square foot. Therefore, it is slow to heat up and slow to cool down. It helps regulate the temperature of a room. For example, in cold weather, light coming in your windows warms the floor during the day and that heat is slowly radiated back into the room throughout the night, reducing the need to use gas or electric heat at night. In warm weather, it can draw heat from the air, reducing the need for air conditioning.  If used in conjunction with other passive systems, such as good window placement and shades, it can reduce your energy bill for heating and cooling up to 50% or more, depending upon the climate.

2          It can look like many other materials

Polished concrete can have a texture or be as smooth as glass.  One can use stencils and stains to emulate the look of any other flooring, like tile or rock. It can even be made to look like very pricey marble or granite. Designs can be stained into it, like paint. For example, an entryway in a business could have a company logo embedded into what looks like a marble mosaic. It can look appropriate for any decor style, from traditional to ultra-modern.

3          It is inexpensive and quick to install

The cost per square foot is less than almost any other flooring. Once it is poured and smoothed, contractors can stain and apply protectant in hours, reducing labor costs.

4          It is easy to maintain

The surface is nearly indestructible and is appropriate even for the highest traffic areas. A dust mop can be used to quickly clean the surface on a daily basis and inexpensive cleaner for mopping upon occasion. To keep the deep color and shine looking its best, a wax or polymer “sacrificial coating,” like you can get at janitorial supply stores, such as Groupon Coupons page for Zoro or Home Depot, is recommended. Such coatings will last for 6 months or more and can be applied with a mop or Swiffer pad.

5          It will look nice for many years

It is kid and pet friendly. Unlike carpet or hardwood flooring, it won’t dent, stain, smell or get ragged looking. No matter how much abuse you give it, it will look as nice a decade from now as it does today.  If you did, by chance, want to change the color or pattern sometime in the future, you can have it re-stained to update the look, with minimal expense.

So before you do your next flooring project, take a look online and get inspired by looking at other people’s polished concrete projects. Be sure to find a contractor that has experience and equipment to do the job right. Ask to see photos of previous projects they have completed and check their reviews online. Get it done right and its beauty will last a lifetime.


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