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5 Top Uses of Granny Flats

Granny flats are home extensions or a separate structure near a home. These structures are built for old family members who want to live close to home but prefer to remain independent. Some people build one long before they grow old, and use it for other purposes. The popular boxlike living spaces of the past now come in versatile granny flat designs that can be used for varied purposes.

Some people may have an attached granny flat or a detached one. It could be an extension of some parts of your house or a separate building from the house. The most important thing is that it has a living room, a bedroom, a kitchen, a bathroom, and a living room so that the occupant can enjoy independence.

Granny Flats

Home Office

Most people build a granny flat for other purposes aside from being their future home when they grow old. While they are still young, they can use the place as a home office and stop renting expensive commercial spaces. They do not have to spend for gas or get stressed because of the traffic. Instead of eating in restaurants or having food delivered to the office, they can enjoy home-cooked meals because they work close to home.


Well-designed granny flats can increase the value of your property if ever you need to sell it in the future. It can be a source of revenue if you rent it out to travelers who prefer to spend the night in a home rather than in a hotel. If you have a grown-up child, he can live in the flat instead of renting an apartment. When you grow old, you have a place of your own instead of living with your children and grandchildren.

Extra bedrooms

If you have relatives visiting you, they can stay in the granny flat in your property. You can enjoy each other’s company without worrying about driving them from and to the hotel where they are staying. You can talk until late at night, eat together, and engage in fun activities. With the additional living space in your property, you can invite your relatives or friends for a short stay.

Hobby room

Some people prefer to engage in their hobby alone because they need to concentrate on what they do. They prefer to be alone when they read, paint, play musical instruments, listen to music, do needlework, or write. If you have a passion for carpentry, you do not want your children playing with your tools. It will be safer to work in the granny flat and tell the children not to bother you.

A refuge

There are times when a person needs a quiet place where he can relax and think. The granny flat will serve this purpose well. This is a place where one can analyze his situation and make some important decisions in his life.

There is a wide variety of granny flat designs to suit everyone’s purpose and need. Finding the best one will be easy for anyone.


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