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8 Things Affecting Outside Window Cleaning

Outdoor window cleaning is risky. Before doing it, learn first the various factors that have direct effect on your cleaning. From time to time, window cleaning done outdoors is more difficult compared to indoor cleaning. Usually, you go into the higher story windows using a ladder. You need to clean while having a direct contact with the weather, and also deal with bee nests. You will also encounter dust, mineral build up, bird faces and probably remaining debris.  Here are eight factors that can affect outdoor window cleaning

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  1. Weather The weather has an important role in terms of window cleaning in the open air. You have to clean regardless of the weather condition.  Often, this job is so complicated. The best thing to consider is to get a good-weather day to fulfil the job.
  2. Rain water it’s not comfortable to clean your windows while rain is pouring down. But rain cannot make windows unclean and has no hard minerals. As a result, water will just evaporate causing windows to look shiny and clean. There is times rain gives dirt to the windows. It occurs if it hits and splashes out and up of exposed decks, flower beds, and patios.  When the roof has the firm gutter, rain must not have contacts with your windows.
  3. Ground water Ground water with hard minerals makes the windows dirty.  Do not spray the ground water using a hose or pressure washer. Make the adjustment on sprinkles to avoid pounding the windows. Eventually, mineral deposits will enlarge and will threaten the glass.
  4. Sun Avoid cleaning when the sun is shining straight to your place. Severe heat will only dry the window faster.  Before you squeegee off the glass, it is already waterless. The effect can be smudged.
  5. Wind There should be no strong wind when cleaning the window.  The Wind can easily dry out the glass, like the sunlight, resulting in streaks.  The Wind may also cause ladders to move, shake or fall. Know the ladder you’re using. Annually, thousands of accidents happen because people don’t know their ladder. If you’re not sure of your security, the other option to do is to get the services of a specialist window cleaner. They know best about ladders.
  6. Dirt and dust there’s no way to get out of the dust when cleaning outside windows. You experience dust when a car starts and when the wind blows. When you have bare space or unused ground, it helps when you plant grass.
  7. Bird droppings you must be more careful when cleaning the windows with bird droppings.  Your health can be at risk when you breathe in the droppings of bats and birds.  A huge number of birds roosting around is dangerous and can cause illnesses.
  8. Bee Nest Bees set up their nests through bushes, below the eaves and sidings of the house roof. You will always run into the bee nest when cleaning. Before you clean, make sure you have inspected the area.  The morning offers the best time to clean as bees are not busy during this time.

Cleaning Schedule Basically, external window cleaning is done twice a year—at least. Late fall and late spring are the perfect time for windows to be cleaned.  Take this cleaning schedule next time you plan for your window cleaning.


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