Blinds and Shades- What’s the Difference?

These days, window treatments are a more popularly opted solution to cover up the windows while giving them an aesthetic edge. Window treatments are covering that help in covering the windows in the most useful ways without compromising on the looks. Over the years, shades and blinds have become the most preferred kinds of window treatments.

Both blinds and shades have their advantages and disadvantages. Be whatever it is, blinds and shades are two different styles, and it is a fact. However, many people use these two terms interchangeably. So, here’s how blinds and shades are different from each other.

Blinds and Shades


Blinds are made out of harder materials to cover up the windows. Blinds are characterized by a number of slats (based on the size of the window), and these slats are pulled using a string that joins all the slats together. If you have seen the wings in an air conditioner or air coolers, you would be able to understand blinds even better. Pretty much like in air conditioners, the slats of blinds can be slanted, and the angles can be adjusted. Slats help in having privacy in the room. Also, they limit the entry of light inside the room.

You would find a great variety in blinds. When you go to buy Newport blinds, you will find wooden blinds, faux-wood, woven wood, mini blinds, Venetian blinds, vertical blinds, and many more. You would mostly find binds that are made of hard material, like plastic, metal, woods, and wood-like materials.


Shades are made out of softer materials and crafted in a way that they would cover the entire window. The major difference between shades and blinds is that- while blinds are made from a number of slats, shades are a single piece of material that can be drawn up and down. One of the drawbacks of using shades for the windows is that you can’t control the amount of light that comes into your room. However, when you buy shades, you can choose the levels of opacity to control the intensity of light that enters your room.

When we talk about shades, there is a variety of them, pretty much like blinds. The most common styles of shades that you would find in a store are- roman shades, roller shades, and cellular shades. Cellular shades are the most popular ones for being energy efficient. They have little air pockets that are capable of trapping both hot and cold air which makes them energy efficient- perfect for maintaining a certain temperature.

The decision of buying shades or blinds depends on what you expect out of your window treatment. If you intend to block most of the light entering your room, shades would be good. However, if you would want to have control over the amount of light that enters, blinds would give you a considerable amount of control. You would also find a great variety in designs and colors in both the variants.


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