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Carpenter Ant Population On The Rise In Ontario

Ontario residents can attest to the bitter cold of the past few winters and, despite a late start, this year is shaping up to be similar. Counter to what you might expect, cold weather and lots of snow tendto be great for carpenter ant populations. Snow can act as an insulation for underground nests, while consistently cold weather will keep colonies in hibernation mode until spring when food sources become more abundant. If you find them active in your home during the winter, that means they have nested somewhere near a heater, keeping their body temperatures up. If you had a problem last year, even if you don’t see any evidence between fall and spring, it doesn’t mean they’ve moved on. They don’t enjoy going away from the nest and studies of these creatures show that up to 95% of their population lives in the primary dwelling. You’ll know you’re dealing withthe camponotus species if they seem a bit larger than typical ants you’ve encountered previously. They’re typically at least half an inch in length at maturity but can often grow to 1.2 cm long.

Rise In Ontario

Once you’ve established that you have a problem, you may have trouble finding the right pest control professional. Many will offer free quotes, so you can compare the cost, but make sure to look for honest and thorough service as well. When it comes to extermination, you need every critter gone if you want your home to remain pest-free. An honest pest control expert will be up front about the process; it often involves more than one visit. The first step is to track and locate all of the nests in your house. The second visit is to use bait, allowing workers to take insecticides back to the colony, and then to spray the exterior of the home to prevent further intrusion.

When you work with a certified Ontario exterminator, it’s often prudent to go with a warranty. This will entitle you to free check-ups related to your infestation, meaning you’ll be covered if the problem persists. Older homes are particularly vulnerable to pests, as the wood is often damp and easy for carpenter ants to dig their galleries through. Sometimes, colonies “bud,” meaning that they move a queen, workers and eggs to a new location, and you can face a problem that won’t go away easily.

Certified Ontario exterminators are registered and approved by the Ministry of Environment, giving them access to insecticides and rodenticides unavailable at hardware stores. Toronto’s most common pests include cockroaches, bedbugs, wasps, centipedes, spiders and pharaoh ants, and all of them can be persistent issues without professional intervention.

Contact ant control experts in Toronto as soon as you notice carpenter ants in your home.Sometimes foragers simply wander into your home from outside nests, but as soon as you see a trail, you know there are hundreds of them inside your walls. You can expect them to colonize the wood in the walls, floors and roof of your structure. According to Toronto Pest Exterminators, they do not actually eat wood like termites, but carve intricate galleries out of moist wood. You will always want to check for an infestation after your home has suffered any water damage. Carpenter ants burrow into the wood, lay their eggs, and cause potentially thousands of dollars of structural damage if you’re not proactive about their removal. Toronto Pest Exterminators insists that the most important part of thoroughly eradicating them from the home is locating the nest. That takes a knowledge and patience that not every exterminator has. Only trust the experts when it comes to an infestation.


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