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Different Classes And Categories Of Water

Water damage causes a lot of problems in houses, offices and institutes. This loss may range from little humidity present to the whole destruction of the property requiring specialized water damage cleanup services. Water has been classified into four major classes depending upon the amount of water absorbed by the substance.

Different Classes And Categories Of Water

Classes of water:-

  • Class 1:

This class includes the least amount of water absorbed. Water damage that has caused minimal amount of humidity will be included in this class. After drying process, only small amount of moisture remains in the items present in the room hence little evaporation is required.

  • Class 2:

This class contains water damage that has affected the area more than the class 1 water. A considerably more amount of water has been absorbed by the room, furniture and floor coverings and after the drying process, there is more amount of water that needs to be evaporated.

  • Class 3:

This class includes more amount of water that has been absorbed by the area as compared to the class 2. So, the amount of moisture remained in the walls, ceilings, carpeting and furniture after the drying up process is huge and it requires more evaporation.

  • Class 4:

Huge amounts of water have been absorbed by the materials and specialized evaporation methods are required for complete drying process. The drying process is also most lengthy in this class of water damage as more water is remaining in the area.

Categories of water:-

Water has also been divided on the basis of the amount of contamination and toxics present in the water. The level of water damage cleanup services required depends on the amount of deadly materials present in the water.

  • Category 1:

This category contains comparatively clean water leaking from clean sources like a broken pipe in the kitchen. It does not contain any microorganisms and is not unhealthy for the health.

  • Category 2:

It contains comparatively contaminated water that can cause health problems if came in contact with. Leakage of the toilet pipes may be a source of this kind of water.

  • Category 3:

It consists of the most contaminated and hazardous water. It has a significant amount of microorganisms and toxic material in it and can be seriously dangerous for the health. All kinds of storms, leaking sewerage pipes and floods are the source of this kind of water.


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