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Easy Wins in Cutting Commercial Energy Costs

According to Energy Star, commercial buildings waste up to 30% of the energy they use. This adds up to an estimated $120bn. Fortunately, there are a number of easy ways that you can reduce the energy consumption in your building without breaking the bank on a total retrofit. We’ve done a little research on the easy wins, and we’ll discuss where to look in your building to cut energy costs and save your bottom line.

Cutting Commercial Energy Costs

Tip #1: Complete a Nighttime Audit

What is going on at night in your building? Whether you are open 24 hours or have an open-to-close business day, chances are that there is less activity at night. This is something rather easy to overlook, but even something like shutting a few lights off can have major impact on energy costs. To find out what is going on at your place of business after hours, complete a nighttime audit. Make a list of all of the ways energy is being wasted. Be on the lookout for extra lights that are on, computers and other hardware that are not powered down, and other sources that may be drawing energy.

Tip #2: Perform Regular Maintenance On Heating and Cooling Systems

Heat in the winter and air conditioning in the summer are necessary for the comfort of your employees and customers. These systems are likely to be running year round, regulating the temperature of your building. In order for these systems to run efficiently, it is essential that maintenance is performed monthly. This can include cleaning filters, checking for maximum efficiency, and having these systems inspected by commercial contractors like Bob Heinmiller in Central Florida.

Tip #3: Improve the Building’s Insulation

Another way to reduce heating and cooling costs and improve overall efficiency is to check the insulation of your commercial building. In addition to the insulation of the building itself, check the seals around doors and windows. When you have areas where air can flow in or out of the building, it can have drastic effects on the energy efficiency of air conditioning or heating systems. While there may be an upfront cost to install energy efficient windows or insulate the appropriate areas of your building, it will easily be balanced by the reduced energy consumption in the future of your company.

Tip #4: Install a New Air Conditioning Unit

Sometimes, regardless of the amount of maintenance and repairs that you do on your company’s air conditioning unit, it will not work efficiently. This is often the case of units that are not appropriately sized for the building. Smaller units have to work overtime to cool the building and units that are too large, turn on and off more than necessary, wasting power and shortening their lives. In order to run efficiently, your air conditioning unit must be sized appropriately for the conditions in your building, including the number of heat-generating sources, the number and placement of windows, and the layout of the building.

Tip #5: Take Steps for Lighting Retrofitting

Lighting retrofitting describes a process used to make the lighting of your building more energy efficient. This can include changing the design of your lighting, installing motion lights to reduce energy consumption at night, and even using more environmentally friendly light bulbs. All of these small steps allow for energy consumption to reduced greatly. It does have an upfront cost like a few of the other ideas on this list, but like the others, the reduction of energy consumption in your commercial building will pay for it all (and more) over the life of your building.

These might seem like the nickels and dimes, and in a way they are. But when it comes to energy consumption, a lot of waste ends up coming from the little things — places where a little investment can make a big difference.


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