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Excellent Tips for Hiring the Right Electrician to Ensure the Safety of Your Home

Choosing a right electrician is very essential in order to get the job done properly and more importantly, to ensure the safety of you and your family.

Therefore while looking for an electrician Teddington or any other place, you have to conduct a thorough and careful check. Here are some important tips.

Check Qualifications, Certificates and License

It’s imperative to check the details of license of an electrician you are planning to hire for your help at home. And more importantly, check their background yourself.

Don’t hesitate to ask for the documented proof of certification and qualification. To be sure with the proofs, a best way is to check with a government-approved organisation. Remember that not all the electricians who claim to have the appropriate skills are genuinely certified.

If the electrician shows reluctance to provide the proofs, you should understand that there’s a big wrong there.

Ensure the Safety of Your Home

Background Research

Besides checking qualifications, license and certificates, you also have to check if the history of the electrician you are planning to appoint is good i.e. if he has good reviews and satisfied customers.

A truly professional electrician should have a portfolio of past jobs. If you want to become absolutely sure, you can reach out to their past clients and confirm if they are really happy with the electrician’s work. Ask them if the workman is professional and worked within the budget quoted initially without any hidden charges and how his behaviour is overall.

Qualified Vs. Certified Electrician

In general, a qualified electrician can provide services that a certified electrician can. Nevertheless, after finishing the job, a registered or certified electrician should check the work and sign it off, which a “qualified” electrician cannot do.

It should be noted that a handyman can and should merely replace light fixtures, switches, bulbs, low voltage transformers and sockets (but not in the bathroom).

A certified electrician needs to be listed with the major voluntary regulatory organisation for the electrical contracting industry. It is NICEIC in the UK. This organisation has been evaluating the proficiency of electricians for almost six decades.

Hazards You can Face with Cheap but Poorly Done Electrical Work

  • Outdoor lighting fixtures installed with poor insulation can cause a fire. Such poor insulation can be melted due to the current causing short circuiting of the entire system and fire.
  • Insufficient installations of lighting switches or sockets near or directly exposed to moisture or water pose a high risk to people living in the property. A wrong conduction of wiring in an area that is exposed to moisture and water can cause short circuits and put your life in danger. Thus, if you have recently renovated your kitchen or bathroom, get the final wiring inspected by a certified or at least a qualified electrician.
  • Outdoor sockets exposed to water but without a circuit breaker can set your home on fire. Very few have knowledge that installation of an outdoor socket needs a system equipped with a ground-fault breaker that is capable of shutting the outlet down if exposed to water.

Considering all these things, it’s obviously important to hire a certified or qualified electrician so that you can be absolutely sure that your home is safe.


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