Make Any Room Into A Cinema With A Home Theatre Furniture Set

It may seem counter intuitive, but a home theatre set is not all about the screen. In fact, it’s fair to say that the screen itself is only one third of a home cinema package. Great audio makes up another third, leaving the room itself to complete the experience. If the furniture is uncomfortable, you don’t have a good home theatre.

Articles upon articles have been written about the audio/visual components in a home theatre set, so we’re going to focus on environment and comfort. You need to spend thousands to match the visual and audio quality of a cinema, but it’s fairly inexpensive to beat the comfort level they provide. An upgrade to the comfort level of your current furniture will make your movie-watching experience incalculably better, even without a change to your other technology. Back support is important anyway, but if you’re settling in to marathon TheLord of the Rings trilogy, it’s crucial.

Home Theatre Furniture Set

Any room can be turned into a fantastic home theatre. Size is important only as it dictates the number of people that can join the experience. If you have the space, budget, and the friends to fill it, by all means build rows of stair-stepped reclining leather sofas. But even if it’s just a spare bedroom that’s going unused, you can create a fun and inviting space. This article from LifeHacker has numerous tips for building a great home theatre in a small space.

For reasons of audio quality, it’s important to keep your furniture away from the back wall. Which is great, because there is nothing like a recliner in a home theatre set, and recliners need space to recline. But there are, of course, other options: couches are great for families or date nights, whereas recliners are great for friends who don’t want to be in each other’s laps. Choose the furniture that’s right for you and the people you plan to spend time with. It can be useful to consult a retailer with staff which will take your needs into consideration, like The Chesterfield Shop in Toronto.

When deciding between leather and fabric, consider the lifetime of your furniture. Leather lasts a long time and, unlike fabric, actually increases in comfort as it ages. Scratches can be concealed with creams, and it does not stain as easily as cloth. And leather looks great! A good furniture retailer, like The Chesterfield Shop, will be able to highlight the difference quality materials make. Consider what you want your home theatre to look like in the daytime as well as in the dark, especially if it’s going to be used as a multipurpose room.

Remember: Your friends will not be impressed with the thousands you’ve spent on projectors and speakers if their seats are uncomfortable. So be sure to spend some time browsing the options at a website like to get some ideas for quality products you can use to outfit your room. With the right furniture set-up, your home theatre will become famous among your friends.

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