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Things You Should Know About Reality TV Home Improvement Shows

The weekend is here and you have several hours to spare. If you enjoy do-it-yourself projects, then this is a great opportunity to start or complete one. All you need is some inspiration and the best place to find this is on TV.

Reality home improvement TV shows are becoming quite popular. Many of these shows feature experts swooping in to transform living spaces. The final products are often beyond the expectations of the viewers as well as the homeowners.

Renovations can be quite costly, however; the returns make the investment worthwhile. The Costs vs. Value Report by Remodeling magazine in 2014 showed returns of an average of 66% on the amount invested.

With home sales expected to accelerate in the years to come, more homeowners are investing in renovations to increase the value of their homes. Thus, the popularity of home remodeling shows continues to increase.

Reality TV Home Improvement Shows

As you seek inspiration from these shows, it’s important to keep the following in mind when aspiring to apply the tips you learn from these shows to your own projects.

  • Time Frames are Rushed for TV

The timelines for projects done on reality TV shows are often rushed. They are not realistic for a project you intend to do on your own of the same scale. The crews used for these programs are experts in their fields. There is also a great deal of work that occurs in the background to ensure that the project is completed on time.

Learn what you can from the experts on these shows. However, don’t beat yourself up for not completing your project within the same timeframe. Take your time to do your best and get the project completed within a reasonable time frame and with the best results.

  • Your budget will be different

Your budget may not be as low as that shown on these shows. In many cases, the networks will partner with contractors and advertisers to obtain free material or services for free in exchange for publicity. You won’t have the same privilege with your personal project. Be ready therefore to set a realistic budget based on the actual cost of goods and quotations from suppliers and contractors.

These shows, however, offer great tips on how you can cut back on costs. You can apply these tips to help reign in your budget.

  • Flipping your house may not be as easy

There are several shows that feature flipping houses. Watching these shows may make it seem so easy to flip a house. Many inexperienced homeowners go into it thinking that there is a lot of easy money to be made only to end up failing.

The truth is that real estate investors no longer flock to auctions like they once did. Flipping a house may not be as easy as it appears on TV. It’s important to take note of the tips these shows offer such as improving your home’s curb appeal. However, be sure to count the costs and invest wisely in home improvement projects.

You can catch various home improvement shows on TV throughout the week. Check your TV providers siteto find out when your favorite shows are televised.


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